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We are a mixed Acapella quartet based in East Dorset and are all proud to be members of a Dorset based choir called Local Vocals where we first met.

We are firm friends and sing just for the love of it and being in each others company.
We started singing together in the middle of 2014 when we walked into the Oddys 'I can't believe it's not a folk club' in Wimborne after a LV rehearsal and asked if we could sing. They haven't been able to get rid of us since.

You can find us singing all around the area, mostly in Folk Clubs and at 'open mic' sessions but in reality, we'll sing anywhere. Just try stopping us.

We have a wide, eclectic repertoire from all around the world, much of it arranged by our Local Vocals leader, Lesley Whatley. It's such an eclectic and varied mix that half the time we haven't a clue what we're singing about.

Our repertoire includes folk, 60's and 70's pop music, jazz and world songs all performed in 4 part close harmony. We don't have a lead singer as each of us will take the melody line at certain times. This gives us much more depth & variety to our songs as each one is matched to a particular voice.

We are available for your private or public function and should you wish to enquire about a booking, please contact us through our Contact page.
We have a FaceBook page that you might like to befriend and it's on our Lanks page.


Steph has a beautifully melodic voice which lends itself to many different styles of music and she would make a great country singer. Her range is toward the Soprano end and though she often has the melody, she also takes her turn on the top harmonies.
With a young family and a household to run, Steph has only recently found a little spare time to get into singing and she continually amazes us by how quickly she develops.
We are having a hard time trying to fend off the agents and other bands who want to poach Steph away from us but we fully understand why.


Pippa has a huge range and can quite easily take the top harmonies. However she is far more suited to the lower end of her range where her rich and smokey voice just oozes class.
Pippa also came late to singing but she has been a musician for most of her life playing piano, saxophone and in early life, cornet for Verwood Concert Brass. Her latest mission is to try to learn to play the guitar
She has two grown up sons and is a senior executive at a major bank.
She also manages to find time to be
a Director of Poole Town FC and is the treasurer of Broadstone FC.

Simon is the 'go to' guy in our group. Although he sings Bass with Local Vocals, he has the ability to sing a completely different part in quartet. Somehow he manages to temporarily set aside all the notes he's learned for a song and amazingly, he never seems to get the two confused. He usually takes the 'scrunchy' part just below the melody when he's not actually taking the lead.
Simon is an accountant but we try not to hold this against him and he can actually be quite interesting........ but not often.

When not singing with us or LVs, he enjoys playing cricket, tennis and his guitar although even he's not versatile enough to manage all three at the same time.


Rob is our Bass and gets to sing all those beautiful notes at the bottom. He also has the ability to sing in falsetto but we have forbidden him to sing 'Wimoweh' as it could frighten the beejaysus out of whole communities and start a Wildebeest stampede.
He prepares most of our music  and as 'Cap'n Grumpy', runs a tight ship at rehearsals....... as if!
He has been singing for years and besides performing with us and LVs he also rollicks along with the Wareham Whalers, a sea shanty crew. A true 'singaholic'.

Now retired, this ex sailor and ex Fire Fighter also finds time to try to play the ukelele and run the Poole Town FC shop.

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